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Our company have developed many vending related projects, using payment systems and vending machines, or even contributing on new vending machines development.

We suggest you to contact us for any project idea you may have, payment systems protocol conversions, vending telemetry, building a new vending machine, control a gate or a door by cash, etc. Anything is possible for us in the vending area.

Protocol conversion between payment systems and vending machines/VMC (MDB/Executive/Parallel/Pulse/ccNet/ccTalk) was included in many projects

Also, our company developed few equipments for remote control over GSM network using SMS.

You only have to ask and we will return you the best solution you can obtain in the market. Not only in a matter of price, but, also, in a matter of quality and reliability. You will get you own solution, very well adapted to you specific needs.

Also, we can develop all server side applications and services, integrating our hardware with your management applications.

One of the other best experience is in the GPS based modules. We can build for you any GPS based module (clocks, NTP servers, time reference module, fleet management devices, etc.)

Limba romana

Our main projects
GSM/SMS 3IN/4OUT module
ccNet/MDB/RS232 interface
Prepay card recharging code vending machine controller
MDB access control and token dispenser controller
Kiddie Rides/Playground on-line system
Converter/Interface MDB/Executive
Converter/Interface MDB/Parallel
Email: info [at] automatrom.ro
+40 745 183 167